(keitai-l) Re: Mobile Video Telephony (Was: Re: Re: mobile phoneskilling iPod)

From: Benedict Evans <ben_at_ben-evans.com>
Date: 10/26/04
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I think its worth pointing out that while video telephony might be the
most prominent attribute of 3G *marketing*, that doesn't have much to do
with why operators bought the technology. Capacity and efficiency gains
(for voice, mainly) are what're actually driving the investment. Video is
about as (un)important as laptop connectivity.


> Andrea Hoffmann wrote:
>> Fundamentally, I do believe that people want to SEE each other when
>> they talk.
> Why rely on beliefs when investing in expensive new technologies? Surely
> someone out there (DoCoMo? Nokia?) is researching users' attitudes
> toward videotelephony. Does anyone know of any studies?
> Ryan
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