(keitai-l) Desperate Appeal to find decent mobile web sites - ipod to best submission

From: John Whelan <john.whelan_at_alatto.com>
Date: 11/11/04
Message-ID: <LBEGKPCPOAGEFNJMEDKAGEKLDOAA.john.whelan@alatto.com>
We are trying to put together a list of good colour wap sites. We feel there
must be some good content sites out there but when you go looking it is hard
to find anything. Hopefully this is because a lot of the best content is
underground/ user generated. Perhaps we are wrong and we will be confined to
Vodafone Live! for the remainder of time ;-)

The focus is on WML/XHTML for European market so i-mode and other operator
portals don't qualify. A This  is a serious project and we offer a prize of
an iPod to the best submissions. Submissions don't need to be from the site
owners as anyone can submit any site.

See www.alatto.com/ipodcompetition.htm for details.


Received on Thu Nov 11 18:58:54 2004