(keitai-l) So there will be iPhone afterall?

From: Mika Tuupola <tuupola_at_appelsiini.net>
Date: 12/18/04
Message-ID: <[email protected]>

	"There's been a lot of mumblings about Motorola and Apple working
	on a cellphone together, and even an iTunes capable phone Moto was
	already supposed to roll out. Today, however, the bomb dropped:
	Apple officially  announced some kind of cellphone partnership
	which would result not just  in a Motorola phone that is iTunes
	capable, but in something users could call a proper ?accessory?
	to their iPod"


	"'We've said we have something coming on this in the first half of
	2005 and we're definitely on schedule for that. Hopefully you'll
	be able  to see more about it soon,' says Eddy Cue, vice president
	in charge of applications at Apple."

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