(keitai-l) apple/moto

From: nick may <nick_at_go-fubar.com>
Date: 12/18/04
Message-Id: <[email protected]>
Warning: macosrumors is a rumour site and what it prints is sometimes 
wrong. However, it is an honest rumour site - I haven't heard of it 
making things up - recently, at least.... In this case it is 
speculating about something the bare bones of which have been widely 

The tech specs are probably pretty boring - but it is the seamlessness 
of the user experience that is going to shake the market up, I suspect. 
We are just getting to the stage where having a seamless path, with 
mild DRM and backup, from website through desktop to TIMP (Thing in My 
Pocket) is  going to be critical. And that is where apple will shine.

Incidentally - anyone care to comment on the user experience of the 
KDDI music download system? (is it launched yet?)

Link here:

Full Bluetooth wireless connectivity support, designed to sync 
seamlessly with iSync/iCal/Address Book/Mail.app/Safari etc.

  *Able to store about "a dozen songs" on its onboard memory, and can 
offload those songs to a computer or iPod.

  *Most interestingly, Apple sources say the new Apple/Motorola iPhone 
will provide top-shelf support for wireless internet connectivity via 
the cellular network for any Mac which is wired to the iPhone,</snip>

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