(keitai-l) Re: SVG-T on V902SH and V802SE

From: D_C <d3ntaku_at_gmail.com>
Date: 01/25/05
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Hi Kyle, Matthieu -

> >Can anybody confirm whether the V902SH and V802SE mobiles are using
> >Flash Lite's internal SVG-T support or some other SVG-T player to
> >render SVG-T content?

does the japan domestic device actually support SVG? I heard Sharp
went off on their own and put the Flash engine in (none of the other
VF devices in that series suport it) without being asked to by VF. So
they basically did what they wanted to.
That also means no pressure from VF to also support SVG - operator
pressure is the only reason MM put SVG into the europe flash player.
The docomo phones have no SVG (afaik) so it would have been a lot of
extra work for them in japan when flash already has the market (unless
they could leverage something they are doing in europe).

> I've heard that Voda works with www.zoomon.com
> Maybe this will help...

both zoomon and bitflash were providing SVG lite (tiny? basic?)
players but i think the FlashLite/SVG bundle is provided by macromedia
in europe. ZoomOn seem more of an ASP where BF are more embedded

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