(keitai-l) Re: SVG-T on V902SH and V802SE

From: George Arriola <lowsrc_at_adobe.com>
Date: 01/26/05
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Hey DC / keitai-L folk -
Hope things have been well in the new year...

> does the japan domestic device actually support SVG? I heard Sharp
> went off on their own and put the Flash engine in (none of the other
> VF devices in that series suport it) without being asked to by VF. So
> they basically did what they wanted to.

The domestic Japan Sony Ericsson V802SE supports SVG-t, as well as a few
other devices on the AU network. Much of the LBS cartography systems are all
in SVG-t and AU/KDDI Labs have open patents for those device manufactures /
carriers who wish to implement LBS using SVG.

Antoine Quintıs site has good up to date information on the worldwide SVG
market ­ he is in constant contact with key people in Japan and Europe.

> That also means no pressure from VF to also support SVG - operator
> pressure is the only reason MM put SVG into the europe flash player.

Vodafone, as well as other key carriers / device ODMıs are driving the SVG-t
implementation, especially with SVG-t 1.2 with itıs rich scriptablity
through ECMAScript and Java (JSR 226 -

> The docomo phones have no SVG (afaik) so it would have been a lot of
> extra work for them in japan when flash already has the market (unless
> they could leverage something they are doing in europe).

* SVG-t is the preferred, defacto standard by both OMA / W3C
* Built on XML in conjunction with the global open standards community
* Free to implement your self, or build your own non-proprietary server

You do the math everyone ­ SVG-t is a force to be reckoned with, which Iım
sure weıll be seeing more of in 2005/06.

>> I've heard that Voda works with www.zoomon.com
>> Maybe this will help...
> both zoomon and bitflash were providing SVG lite (tiny? basic?)
> players but i think the FlashLite/SVG bundle is provided by macromedia
> in europe. ZoomOn seem more of an ASP where BF are more embedded
> focused.

Actually, Ikivo has (give or take) around 85% of the SVG-t market share WW,
and both Ikivo and Bitflash work to implement their thin-clients at the ROM
level, or at the OS level (Symbian, etc.) in the form of an application /
browser plug-in. All of Sony Ericssonıs new devices WW use the Ikivo engine
in the ROM for the OS GUI, Messaging Client, Browser Client, or stand alone

Recently, BREW announced itıs official stance behind SVG-t a few months back
at CTIA 
(http://www.qualcomm.com/press/releases/2004/041027_bitflash_svgt.html) This
is a big deal not only for AU/Japan, but the huge market in China and the
Americaıs. So with 3GSM coming up next month in Cannes, France ­ expect more
noise around SVG-t.

BTW ­ is anyone going to be at 3GSM? Let me know ­ we can hook-up for coffee
if you have time...


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