(keitai-l) Re: Vodafone does FeliCa

From: Mohit Sindhwani <mohits_at_onghu.com>
Date: 03/01/05
Message-ID: <[email protected]>
According to the FAQ from the website of the EZ Link Card (Felica 
implementation in Singapore), it is clear that the Felica card here 
stores the last 20 transactions.  Readers, etc. update your transaction 
information to a central server at the end of the day.  The server 
maintains your transactions for three days, which you can access from 
the website.

In Singapore, you can check the last 20 transactions you made at a 
machine in the railway stations - this is retrieved from the card.  You 
can check up to 20 transactions that you made in the last three days 
(excluding the day of enquiry) over the web - this is retrieved from a 
database, using your ID.

Hope this helps :)


Curt Sampson wrote:

>On Mon, 28 Feb 2005, Colin Belton wrote:
>>JR already does. I remember pressing the wrong button on one of the
>>older Suica machines (the ones that also sell other types of cards) last
>>year and getting a long list of all the stations I had entered and
>>exited. The list also included train fares.
>Yes, that button is still available. However, I do believe that that
>information is stored not in JR's databases, but on the card. After all,
>that is the whole point of using an expensive option like Felica, rather
>than something much cheaper that simply has an ID number: the card can
>securely store information such as how much credit you have left and
>where you got on, so that you can do local processing of transactions
>rather than central processing.
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