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Date: 03/01/05
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So Yes, seems the transaction history
is actually stored on the chip itself.. 8-)


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> I thought this 'real-time' processing discussion was interesting
> and (perhaps like Martyn) had thought it must already be done
> in real-time already as well. So, this afternoon just for fun I did
> a little test on my Suica card. It was near empty so re-charged
> with 1,000yen and got a 'transaction history' statement printed,
> the total balence on the card was now 1,030yen. I went to the
> Newsday stand and bought a can of hot Royal Milk Tea, 140Y
> and then trodded back to the same Suica machine to check
> the balance, statment showed (2mins L8r) was 890yen on my
> card. Now that would seem based on this the transaction was
> in fact processed on the network in at least psydo real-time!

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