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From: Christian Anderson <lists_at_photokyo.com>
Date: 03/09/05
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Hey Manish,

Saw your posting on another mailing list, and just wanted to say that I
liked your moblog.

Anyway, doesn't livedoor at least check the senders email address? I think
that knowing the "secret" email address they provide you isnt quite enough
as they should check the senders address too to make sure its you.


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> Hi,
> I usually blog thru the simple stuff provided by the Livedoor 
> blog service. In there mail subject becomes blog title, mail 
> contents the article and attach needful image in mail 
> Not a secure thing since if someone gets hold of the email 
> address generated, anyone can post a new article to the blog. 
> Apart from that it works cool for me.
> Blog URL : http://blog.livedoor.jp/gai_jin/

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