(keitai-l) Re: WCDMA and CDMA 2000 in the same phone

From: CRICCO Remy <Remy.CRICCO_at_gemplus.com>
Date: 06/01/05
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Dear Erik:

Qualcomm chipsets (www.qualcomm.com) support this type of handset. I don't
know of what handset providers have this type of handset commercially
available but I will try to find out for you...

Also, go to the Chipset Comparison Tool at www.qualcomm.com, and you can
check that QCT chipsets support SIM/RUIM and compare the different models.
It's a tool that I find very useful.

All we need to find out now is what handset manufacturers make them.

Pls, read below. Regards,

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Do CDMA 2000 handsets have SIM-cards at all? I have a korean June- handset from samsung that doesn't.

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