(keitai-l) MediaPresenter

From: Vinay Chiniwar <vinay.chiniwar_at_gmail.com>
Date: 08/15/05
Message-ID: <f95cc41505081500394d19f53f@mail.gmail.com>
Dear all,
 I would like to stream mpeg data on the handset .... how can I do that ... 
I have seen there are Auidopresenter and VideoPresenter classes available 
but which allow me to download and play the data .... I m not able to stream 
the data using these classes .... 
 There is also possibility to play the data through i-motion , whether from 
iappli can I access i-motion .... and play the MPEG data
 Thanks & Regards,
Received on Mon Aug 15 10:39:44 2005