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From: Kapil Sharma <kapes.endless_at_gmail.com>
Date: 08/18/05
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Dear Vinay san,

AudioPresenter class can be used to play the sound  files such as .mld
or standard midi files. It depends on whether the handset supports
these formats.
You can use them as
MediaSound mediaSound =				MediaManager.getSound("URL/resource");

and then using the mediaSound.(For this first u have to get Audiopresenter)

I think the same way video data can be streamed out by VisualPresenter
and setting the proper MIME type such as "video/mpeg4" and using
MediaData mediaData =				MediaManager.getData("URL/resource");
and then using the MediaData.

>whether from
>iappli can I access i-motion

Yes, from the IApplication you can access the i-motion depending on,
you should have i-motion corresponding FOMA terminal like N2002 from
I think through MediaAction listener you can also control it.

Thanks and Regards
Kapil Sharma

On 8/15/05, Vinay Chiniwar <vinay.chiniwar@gmail.com> wrote:
> Dear all,
>  I would like to stream mpeg data on the handset .... how can I do that ...
> I have seen there are Auidopresenter and VideoPresenter classes available 
> but which allow me to download and play the data .... I m not able to stream
> the data using these classes .... 
>  There is also possibility to play the data through i-motion , whether from
> iappli can I access i-motion .... and play the MPEG data
>  Thanks & Regards,
> Vinay
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Kapil Dev Sharma
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