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From: Kapil Sharma <kapes.endless_at_gmail.com>
Date: 08/18/05
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Hii Paul,

The SDK path is the machine's path(the Environmental variables that
need to be put for execution)




For Doja emulator:


On 8/18/05, Paul Wadsworth <pwadsworth_5@hotmail.com> wrote:
> Regarding the message Steven first posted
> >Hi all.  We have been trying to use the DoJa 2.5 plugin with
> >Eclipse 2.1.1 and we have a problem.
> >
> >After following the instructions inthe DoJa PDF, we try to run or
> >debug our application and it generates an error:
> >
> >(X) xom.nttdocomo.eclipse.DoJaBuildException:Fail to create
> >c:\jDKDoJa2.5\apps\dBash\bin\dBash.jar
> And his subsequent reply to himself
> >I had to put the SDK into my machines PATH before it would run.  so far so
> >good, I can launch a DoJa application from Eclipse.
> I would like to ask
> Which SDK's path and could you give a specific example of the path you
> used?
> Thanks
> Paul
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Kapil Dev Sharma
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