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From: Nick May <nick_at_kyushu.com>
Date: 10/16/05
Message-Id: <[email protected]>
Sorry to take so long responding to this, Mr Berglund's past off-list  
contributions to my mailbox have lead to all mail from his domain  
receiving special processing.

But finding to my surprise I had a copy, and having dug it out - well  
- I passed it along to MY nearest-and-dearest for her comments, which  
were typically inscrutable...  "He is plick", apparently. (No idea  
what she means - I can't find the word in my dictionary.)

Racism - real racism - is obnoxious.  For that reason, as most long  
term foreign residents - particularly those in mixed marriages,  will  
tell you, it is the explanation one should reach for last when  
attributing motives to the actions of others.

For people outside Japan; Japanese TV and Japanese people generally  
have lots of fun with what my Japanese friends call "Japlish". I  
occasionally even drop into it deliberately to improve the  
communication environment for an imperfect Japanese speaker of  
English who is too proud to speak Japanese to me.

In other words, it is no big deal for the Japanese, as far as I can  
see, and really shouldn't be for Mr Berglund.

("Plaise the Rord" stuck in my mind after a conversation a few years  
ago with a heavily tattooed and almost spherical gentleman with whom  
I was - carefully - discussing the previously noted phenomenon after  
we found ourselves - he, me and 10 of his tattooed acolytes -   
sharing a public sauna. He suddenly threw two huge but not fully  
fingered fists into the air and, breaking into what were possibly the  
only words of English he knew, yelled out "plaise the Rord!" before  
collapsing into a heap of tattoo wobbling laughter.)

Now - I have a mail filter to fix...

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