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From: Michael Sheetal <msheetal_at_cyber-media.co.jp>
Date: 12/03/05
Message-ID: <e159Qpk4.1133587026.5526170.cybmda05@gol.com>
Thanks Andrea for your support!
I have also been talking with Luca regarding the Japanese support in
WURFL and I hope to be sending some initial data to you soon.

We are looking forward to helping improve WURFL to become a more valuable
tool for Japan based developers. As I am sure everyone is aware, WURFL
is the kind of project that becomes better the more people are involved
in it, so I would also like to really encourage developers in Japan to
help out here and assist with any contributions that you can spare.

I think it would also be great to get some of the Japanese speaking
community involved as WURFL is largely an English speaking project as it
stands now and the benefit of involving many more thousands of
developers who don't speak English would be huge.


On 2/12/2005, "Andrea Trasatti" <atrasatti@gmail.com> wrote:

>On 11/29/05, Mike Sheetal <msheetal@cyber-media.co.jp> wrote:
>> A little while ago I had some questions about WURFL
>> (http://wurfl.sourceforge.net/) in the Japanese market. After a whole
>> bunch of research and checking things out it looks like we will be
>> pushing forward with creating and maintaining a Japanese patch that we
>> will donate back into the main code base.

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