(keitai-l) Re: Mobile Web Development in Japan: A Tag Soup Tale

From: Christopher Kobayashi <chriskk_at_gmail.com>
Date: 12/07/05
Message-ID: <cd896f680512062352w213bebadw6dbb333a4a7b9dfc@mail.gmail.com>
Holy Mother of Buddha!
That's kewl, and scary at the same time.
(well, actually sounds like a fun challenge :))

Anyone want to estimate(year/season) when every new modern keitai in
Japan will have a built-in mobile full browser. Or even IF we'll go
down this path...

Question regarding AJAX on mobile full browsers:
Kind of spooky to think that there's web connections in the background
without the user pressing a link/button. Basically meaning that
they'll be charged without them knowing it.
If you're on a unlimited data plan this wouldn't matter much, but what
about the poor souls not on this plan. Bad people can make things
expensive, or is there a limit to this...

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