(keitai-l) Re: IApplication Auto Upgradation.

From: Neale Rudd <neale_at_metawerx.net>
Date: 02/28/06
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Hi Rajat,

This should be fairly simple, because the DoJa apps can pull data files
or other http data from the server.  You can connect to a server side
application (or even a static page) on the server which returns the
current version number, compare it in the doja app, then call the
upgrade function if necessary.

Hope that helps,
Best Regards,
Neale Rudd

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Subject: (keitai-l) IApplication Auto Upgradation.

Hi Friends,

I was wondering is there any way we can set an auto upgrade feature in a
Doja Iapplication?

What I want is that whenever a user opens the application in his/her mobile
set, this application first checks that whether a new version of this
application has come on the server, if a new version has come then the
application automatically shows a message to the user that a new version is
available do u want to upgrade, hence a user can select whether to upgrade
the application or not.

Is there any inbuilt functionality in Doja through which we can do this?

I found that direct upgradation is possible with the following API.
But I want to upgrade the application only when there a new version on the
server, not otherwise.

If someone knows about it, kindly help me in it...

Thanks & Regards,
Rajat Kaushal.

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