(keitai-l) Re: IApplication Auto Upgradation.

From: Rajat Kaushal <rajat.kaushal_at_iap-online.net>
Date: 03/02/06
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Thanks Neale, Curt, Michael & Joe.

Thank you all for your help & support, The version suggestion is good but I
am not able to get the version number. Even the idea of getting the email
addresses is also good, still a user may give a invalid address as
identified by Curt for which some extra checks might be required. For my
requirements I think the Joe's approach of storing the Version number in the
AppParam sounds good.

Thanks & Regards,
Rajat Kaushal.

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While this sort of mail is an excellent marketing tool, I would
implement the auto-upgrade as well. It's cheap, and works even if the
user gives you a fake mail address, or changes his address.

The point, I would guess, is to save pain on server side upgrades by
minimizing the support requirements for old protocols.

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On Tue, 28 Feb 2006, Michael Sydenham wrote:

> Hi Rajat
> As you probably know, users normally have to initiate the upgrade via the
> 'version up' menu selection. When offering your app for download, have
> register their keitai email address so you can send out a mail notifying
> them of an upgrade, or have the application popup a notice upon startup
> after server-side checking for an update. The mail approach is better
> that notification is independent of the Java app (no need to run it to be
> aware of the update), and users are more likely to act upon a mail.
> Regards
> Michael.
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>> I was wondering is there any way we can set an auto upgrade
>> feature in a Doja Iapplication?
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