(keitai-l) Re: Japanese handsets, operators and good advice...

From: John Guthed <john.guthed_at_12snap.se>
Date: 03/02/06
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Thank you very much! I have one more question... 

We are doing a campaign in Europe, where users send an MMS to an email
adress. This may sound unusual, but is done so that we need not put up
expensive shortcodes all across Europe. Also, that way we are able to
pick up the MSISDN of the user, as it is - usually - given in the return
adress of the message (usually something like
46733383420@mms.telia.com). When the message has been received, we then
return an SMS containing a link to a mobile website. 

My question is this - can Japanese users send MMS to an emailadress, and
is the MSISN given in the adress header as described above? Or are
messages sent to an emailadress sent as an actual email?


John Guthed 

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answers below:

On Mar 2, 2006, at 03:27 , John Guthed wrote:
> Please bear with me, as this is my first post to the list I am 
> currently managing a project where we are converting two mobile 
> applications initially made for standard European mobile phones 
> sporting MIDP 2.0 - and I need som input on the Japanese market an.
> d what to think of when developing for it.
> 1. List of handsets in use in Japan today? Anyone got one of those?
> Links?

You'll find the list of currently sold handsets on the websites of the
mobile operators.

> 2. List of japanese mobile operators?=20

DoCoMo, AU, Tuka (in the process of merging into AU), Vodafone, Willcom,
+ 3 new operators from next year.
If you need more market detail there is a lot on the web, in FAQs and in
our reports, which you'll find on our website

> 3. Good ol' general advice on developing for the japanese market....

The good ol' general advice I usually give is simple:

1. Listen to your customers and do your homework 2. Learn Japanese 3.
Don't even think of trying to change Japan 4. Forget GSM

> John Guthed

Good luck,

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