(keitai-l) Re: Vodafone KK

From: P.A.N. <mobilizer_at_gmail.com>
Date: 03/08/06
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On 3/5/06, Arnold P. Siboro <asiboro@maltech.jp> wrote:
> Now if only Softbank can prepare us some great stuffs in time for
> November's number portability lauching...

Don't you think that the number portability will actually play well for
Vodafone-Softbank? Look, Softbank has several millions of VoIP customers,
right? How many of those are also customers of DoCoMo and KDDI? A couple of
millions at least. Next, Vodafone-Softbank introduces Wi-Fi/cellular dual
mode handsets and pursues its VoIP customer base to switch from other
cellular carriers' service to its own now fixed-mobile IP service. How
viable this can be?


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