(keitai-l) Re: rebranding Vodafone

From: Nick May <nick_at_kyushu.com>
Date: 06/15/06
Message-Id: <67306CA8-EF6E-470C-9546-F2552843D126@kyushu.com>
Of course this assumes that it is not incompatible with gnubox. (Sets  
up bluetooth gateway to fixed line internet).

On 15 Jun 2006, at 11:16, Nick May wrote:
> I like the idea of being able to use webdav to get files onto the  
> phone over bluetooth as the current bluetooth implementation allows  
> transfers smaller than the mailbox size only.

On 15 Jun 2006, at 06:30, Nik Frengle wrote:

> 'Racoon'. Are you talking about Apache? Sorry for my slang-impaired
> question, but...
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