(keitai-l) Opera Mobile for W-ZER03 [was: Lengthy review of the WS003SH]

From: Michael Smith <mikes_at_opera.com>
Date: 07/24/06
Message-ID: <20060724071506.GF6082@sideshowbarker.net>
Shannon Jacobs <shanen@gmx.co.uk> writes:

> > From: "Andrew Shuttleworth" <andrew@andrewshuttleworth.com>
> > I believe it is free for W-ZERO3 users and is much better than Pocket
> > IE.
> Do you have any source for this? I've asked both WillCom and Opera people.
> The WillCom people said it wasn't recommended, and the Opera people said
> nothing.

Which Opera people?

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