(keitai-l) Re: FOMA phones hacked?

From: Hugh Ashton <hughashton_at_gmail.com>
Date: 09/03/06
Message-ID: <C120AC1E.1CE94%hughashton@gmail.com>
On 03/09/2006 11:30, "Arnold P. Siboro" <asiboro@maltech.jp> wrote:

> Unlocking itself is widely regarded as legal, as well as cancelling
> subscription even immediately after making it. So the arrest itself is
> mostly not about unlocking but about making a huge loss on Softbank side.
> BTW, unlocked Vodafone handsets are one of the most popular items on
> Yahoo! Japan auction. Yahoo! Japan belongs to Softbank too, so you guess
> what.. Softbank has been getting sweet profits from the sales of
> unlocked VodafoneKK handsets when it was still someone else's company,
> but as soon as it becomes theirs, they started saying it's against the
> law.

Err... I wonder if the geniuses in the Softbank marketing department have
worked out that there might just be a demand for unlocked phones from users
who aren't content to bend over and take it on the roaming fees?


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