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From: Jamie P <me_at_jamiep.org>
Date: 11/19/06
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You may find this useful Nevan
DescriptionNet_UserAgent_Mobile parses HTTP_USER_AGENT strings of (mainly
mobile HTTP user agents. It'll be useful in page dispatching by user agents.
This package was ported from Perl's HTTP::MobileAgent.
See http://search.cpan.org/search?mode=module&query=HTTP-MobileAgent
The author of the HTTP::MobileAgent module is Tatsuhiko Miyagawa

It detects what type of User Agent you are using and in some cases can give
you the screen dimensions.


On 11/14/06, dubh <dubh@eircom.net> wrote:
> Hi all
> Thanks to everyone for your help. My next stop is the carriers
> websites. My Japanese is good enough to find the details in the
> sites, but it's still a daunting task.
> Curt, thanks for the tip on WULR, I found the site at http://
> wurfl.sourceforge.net/ and am looking forward to reading it.
> Tom, thanks for the tip on HTTP request, it gave me an idea of
> writing a quick application which stores the headers, so I can find
> out for my own keitai and my friends. Also, an idea to check screen
> sizes. I also found this site, but the information looks to be about
> 4 years old.
> http://specters.net/cgipon/
> Michael, thank you, I'll look at those sites, and post any
> information I can find.
> Nevan
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