(keitai-l) Re: busting the farcical NeoMedia patent

From: Curt Sampson <cjs_at_cynic.net>
Date: 11/22/06
Message-ID: <Pine.NEB.4.64.0611221005020.3423@localhost>
On Sun, 19 Nov 2006, pat@backwardsfish.com wrote:

> Wouldn't this be something like a UPC symbol at the supermarket
>or any other retailer. A scanning "camera" takes a picture of an
>image otherwise meaningless to the human eye and links to a file of
>information such as price, product code, inventory, etc etc. It also
>loads and links to customer's previous purchases, points, discounts and
>frequent flyer miles....

Apparently not, becuase you've left off the third step; after the
database look-up, the device must then connect to a remote computer.

The PDF here has a very good general description of what's covered,
and what kind of applications would serve as prior art:


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