(keitai-l) Re: Nokia N95 Hookup

From: Jason Fields <jason_at_air-port.com>
Date: 03/22/07
Message-Id: <40E46BE2-6526-46F2-81B0-3595BC1EAD09@air-port.com>
Heya... I may not be as active as you all but I READ READ READ....  
so, now I am posting.... I am working on a project for Snap (the  
company I work for) focused on localized search services using GPS  
(among other things)... and was curious if any of any of you all had/ 
or are connections at Nokia to help me wrangle an N95 handset or  
two... I know they are out in a couple months for sale, so worst case  
scenario is I wait, but realy I wanted to get a jumpstart on this so  
I can build something for an in house demo I am working on...

Drop me a line if you are/have a connect that you may be able to put  
me in touch with to get a Nokia N95... I am more than happy to  
elaborate on the details of my project should you be a Nokia  
connection... thanks in advance! Just contact me offline to spare the  


 Jason Fields / Product Evangelist, Emerging Technology /  
Snap.com / o. +1.626.535.2794 / m. +1.310.384.9396 / ichat:  
fasonista / voip: +13604881032

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