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From: Kapil Sharma <kapil.sharma_at_iap-online.com>
Date: 05/15/07
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But Surely I would like to know -

1) How the i-mode handsets access the i-mode n/w. Hope every handset is
designed to have specific Unique identification number or IP address.

2) Now that if i have a Hardware platform that i specified below as T-engine
, and suppose I ported the Doja profile into the hardware(Consider it for
now). Now can i say that i should be able to run the standalone i-appli
application referred as MApplication.

3) Ok Now considering about the internet access I would like to know the
restriction. Now this hardware platform can access the internet through its
own browser. Can I not utilize the same http connection without the i-mode
network to access to my own server.

4) I know this is a little bit odd?? But what is present in the whole
MIDP+CLDC+System software  that utilizes the i-mode network. Can i not
bypass the i-mode.

I think we can and Any idea can be implemented. Plz join me.


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Hi Kapil,

I have not heard anything to do with the UC that seems to suggest that
it may support i-mode.  You may want to check with T-Engine Forum/
Personal Media Corporation/ UCT for more information about it.  As for
ported extensions, I am not sure if/ when they will be released.

Two implementations of J2ME are available to TEF members (maybe only A
Level, I'm not sure) right now.  I don't think other APIs have been
ported yet.


Kapil Sharma wrote:
> Hello,
> When calling about i-mode. Am i correct if i can say that only the
> can access the i-mode network.
> I m interested in getting the information whether i-mode network are
> available to ubiquitous communicators.  Ubiquitous communicators can
> internet directly and hope they can run applets too.
> That means handsets are the only choice for developing i-appli
> But how can we develop the client applications on UC. I have heared of
> implementation environment on T-engine as CDC+FP+PBP. I have T-engine so
> i can download the Profiles, what license are required. Can i use Doja
> APIs..
> About UC not supporting i-mode network thus i have founded a link
> http://tronweb.super-nova.co.jp/tronnews03-7.html
> Seeing the T-engine Architecture it seems that T-wireless NTTDocomo
> Technology is coming under ported extensions and not porting(under
> constuction). Therefore I wonder if they are not available in new
> UC.
> UC will be acting as Zombo therefore will be a futuristic Client of
> Therefore I m confused about UC as an i-mode client.
> I know that UC can be a HTTP client.
> Can anyone throw some light on this.
> Thanks
> Kapil

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