(keitai-l) CDMAOne and WAP

From: Brent Bossom <bbossom_at_pg7.so-net.ne.jp>
Date: 06/24/00
Message-ID: <B57A6690.4A0E%[email protected]>
> IDO, DDI and Tuka all deliver a joint service called CdmaOne
> (ezweb and ezaccess), which is the Japanese WAP.

I think we should be careful not to confuse CDMAOne, which is the way the
radio signals are  transmitted, and WAP, which is the method of delivering
text content through the network. My understanding is that WAP could be used
on whatever platform is out there: GSM, PDC, PHS, TDMA, CDMAOne, etc.
Similarly, DoCoMo's i-mode service could be implemented on a CDMAOne
platform, too. 

WAP is not bound to CDMAOne but it seems that because IDO/DDI started
CDMAOne and the EZ services at the same time there has been a tendency to
equate the two.


Brent Bossom
Received on Sat Jun 24 07:53:56 2000