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From: Gustaf Rosell <gustaf_at_xpedio.com>
Date: 12/01/00
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>I heard from DoCoMo statistics about how many % of users access actual
>imode-webpages (i.e. they differentiate between pure email use and actual
>webpage access), they have statistics about the average pages imode
>subscribers view etc. To summarize in one sentence: most of the 15 million
>imode subscribers which all pay their basic subscription (otherwise they
>get cut off pretty soon), don't only pay this subscription and don't only
>send a lot of emails, but also a very high percentage does a substantial
>amount of daily imode-web browsing.

The unoffical figures I have is that 26,4% of the users access at least one 
i-mode site per week. It sounds a lot lower than many would expect, but is 
still quite good. The related figure for email was 80% something.

However, I can not confirm this, since they are from unofficial internal 
sources within DoCoMo. I do not know from when they are either.

If anyone has something else, that would be very interesting.


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