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From: Paul Wallace <paul.wallace_at_spike.ne.jp>
Date: 12/08/00
Message-ID: <2557FD19D9E1D3118E7700062950B1BE370CF3@JP1RMX1>
Renfield Kuroda wrote:

> I suggest EXTREME caution in using non-standard markup, as 
> there is absolutely
> no guarantee nor even any reason why your html should 
> continue to work in the
> future.

I completely agree that you take a chance by using non-standard tags, but
developers take a chance and bet on the future with a lot of issues (wap?).
Should you use the table tag in i-mode? That's up to you, but I think that
people should know that it does work in some i-mode browsers -- and that
isn't something that you'll find in the FAQs that people in this list always
refer questions to. 

I remember developing HTML sites in 1994/1995 and the same thing was said
about the table tag in HTML then, since it was just starting to be used and
there was an issue of standards. I think that we would all agree that the
table tag alone profoundly changed the design possibilities of the web --
nobody could live without it now. 

When you work with global brand name clients that want to create stand-out
wireless sites, the idea that you would not use a design feature because it
is not part of the "standard" is absurd. You can tailor content to display
properly in full-featured i-mode browsers and less-capable ones, just like
you can do full-graphics and "light" desktop versions of your site.

Until now we have really been in the infancy of interface and visual design
for small screens, but that is starting to change. I don't think that
handsets will loose any features in the future, basically anything on the
high-end sets today will be the low-end in 6 months. Lets update of FAQs to
include the real world of i-mode capabilities.


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