(keitai-l) How to plan, create and test an Imode site

From: Juergen Specht <js_at_nooper.com>
Date: 12/09/00
Message-ID: <[email protected]>
A simple howto for planning, creating and testing an (for
simplicity english) Imode Site if you are NOT a native japanese

1) Test yourself if you are the right person to create an Imode
   site: Are you able to think in small displays? Are you able
   to tell a full story inside limited real estate like this one:

2) Go in a video shop and rent an average movie with Beat Takeshi.
   Ignore the violence and count the words he used in 90minutes.

3) Go in a video shop and rent an average american movie.
   Compare the amount of words the main actor uses in 9 minutes
   to the amount of words used by Beat Takeshi.

4) Check your own website. Do you use buzzwords like 'leading',
   'Number 1', 'Enterprise Market' or others you can find here:
   http://www.outofservice.com/buzzword/  ?
5) Think about the above points and try to think in english
   words not longer than 14 characters.

6) Can you now delete the words and still explain what you are doing
   like this: Pixo [...] is [...] software.

7) If you survived the first 6 steps, you are ready to create
   an Imode site.

8) Start with the interface and never ever try to explain the
   backend to somebody you want to use your Imode site.

9) Don't use more Tags than you can find in the cHTML specs, even if
   the standard claims 'created 1998'.

10) Don't get confused by using emulators. Use a small frame
    inside a browser page to test the very first version of
    your site.

11) If this works, try it with a real Imode phone. If you never
    saw one in real live, give up now.

12) Optimize it, until it works on your phone and show it
    to somebody on his/her own phone without explaining it.

13) Listen carefully to the feedback and optimize it again.

14) Go in Izakaya's and borrow every Imode phone from random
    people by showing them a random funny site like this one:
    and get their trust to use it 5 more minutes to check your
    hidden prototype on their phone. Make notes about the model
    and optimize your site again.

15) If you tested it on more than 10 different phones and it
    looks ok, you are ready to launch. Good luck!


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