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Date: 01/22/01
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I agree, 'always on' is not true.  What IS true is that there is no dial-up,
but a lot of overseas trade magazines like Business Week have consistently
used the 'always on' term and even those in Japan have been misled.  The
'always on' image leads us to think in terms of a PC connected to the web...
however, you will find those die-hard fans who might still use this term
with a comparison with, for instance, to some bluetooth applications, which
are triggered on demand and gives the 'always on' feel... (now I can feel
the bluetooth comments coming...)


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Can somebody comment if my thoughts are correct?

People claim that i-mode is always on. This is technically speaking
incorrect and gives the readers outside Japan a wrong impression on the
capabilities of i-mode.

To verify please do the following experiment.

Check the i-icon on your phone. If not connected to the i-mode network
(connection OFF, but able to connect to i-mode packet switched network),
the i-icon is not blinking. When you connect to the i-mode network, it
takes, depending on the time of the day, between 1 second (early in the
morning) and 5 seconds (around 11pm). Once the connection is established,
the i-icon is blinking meaning the connection is ON. If no traffic is send
or received for a period of 3-4 minutes, the connection is automatically
finished and the i-icon stops blinking. The connection is OFF.

Based on the network architecture as published last year in Nikkei
Communications and this experiment, i-mode makes use of a hybrid solution,
circuit switched until the M-SCP component in the network and
packet-switched (called the PCD-P network) higher up in the network.

Arjen van Blokland

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