(keitai-l) Re: Mobile Phones Must Die?

From: Petri Ojala <ojala_at_iki.fi>
Date: 01/23/01
Message-ID: <B6933357.823%[email protected]>
> ... the predominant Internet device will
> NOT be a PC with QWERTY keyboard, but a cellphone with a 10key, and the
> businesses that are not prepared to accept this reality and tailor
> hardware and services to their potential customers will lose.

Quite probably a very true statement.  Bringing "Mobile Internet" into alive
has already shown quite a good number of examples where the old habits and
technology are brought into the new world -- and failed.  PDA world has
developed similarly, the most popular PDA's do not use QWERTY keyboard but
some kind of a graffiti-system a'la Palm.

Does anyone remember the one-hand input device that was available in the
80's as an replacement for the keyboard?  There used to be DVORAK-keyboard
as well, which was considered faster and better for english language than

For the western languages (including finnish ;-) T9 is reasonably good
although the implementation could use some development to make it easier to
handle words not in the dictionary.  It would also be interesting to
evaluate what an additional few keys could do..


PS. Isn't that 12key (# and *), not 10key? ;-)

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