(keitai-l) Re: Ericsson's new phone - with colour display

From: Victor Pikula <victor_at_pikula.com>
Date: 03/22/01
Message-ID: <[email protected]>
At 03:02 2001-03-22, you wrote:
>Who would have thought that Ericsson would be the first non-japanese phone 
>maker to come out with colour display? Cute too...

Not the first non-Japanese colour phone, and Nokia isn't first either.

In fact, I remember seeing a huge billboard in 1998 sporting a colour display phone by Siemens. I thought to myself: Wow, mobile technology is really evolving fast (little did I know back then :-)


Siemens also produced a colour S25 WAP phone:


Siemens, as well as Nokia and Ericsson, are of course keen to differentiate their products on features such as colour displays. Siemens invested in a future where WAP-enabled mobile phones have colour capabilities, and Ericsson now seems to have the same game plan. Siemens and Phone.com did a 1998 press release for this:


But the point here is: I do think all manufacturers in Europe would be *able* to produce colour display WAP phones. Siemens probably abandoned producing colour screen WAP phones because there are no specifications on how to support colour display capabilities within the WAP standard. The WAP forum should come up with the exact specifications on how to integrate colour display capabilities with content provision. That is why in Japan we see mobile internet services and handsets that support colour pictures in all three cases (i-mode, J-Sky and EZweb) and none in Europe. Japanese operators set these standards.


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