(keitai-l) Re: J-phone header info

From: Paul Lester <paul.lester_at_lincmedia.co.jp>
Date: 05/05/01
Message-ID: <3AF36605.14C2FE00@lincmedia.co.jp>
Ben Hutchings wrote:

> Ron Schei wrote:
> > Hello,
> > Here's a list of the environment variables being passed by
> > J-PHONEs these days.
> The whole world isn't using CGI, or proxies.  Let's skip the
> environment variables and go straight to the header fields, which
> any HTTP server will use:
> <snip>
> > Accept: */*
> Ack, this is bogus.  It means the gateway claims it can use any
> media type, when in reality the phone is limited to text/html and
> some image format(s).

I use a JPE-03 for testing too.  In fact J-sky DOES "seem" to "accept"
all media types!  If it doesn't like one, it gives a can't display message.
(And it gives a horrid beep.... BTW so do other J phones)
The phone even refuses some media types I'd expect it would accept
like a mmf file.  It likes the .smd extension instead.  Weird!

(Thats what all the SMAF stuff is about in the headers)

Well the crux is, J Phones accept sound, image and text formats.
By images this can mean all sorts of stuff.

It tries to download an unknown extension but always refuses it
at the very end.  At least that what it looks like to me.  Its a mystery
to me what the actual workings of Jphone.  It might not accept
*/* (anything)  but I wouldn't rule it out on implausible grounds
without testing. more thoroughly.

So you actually might be right.  Like I can't imagine the J-Phone
accepting a fried chicken, but it might gobble up a cgi script.

-Paul Lester
(on vacation)

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