(keitai-l) GPRS content question -- please help!

From: John Floss <john_floss_at_yahoo.com>
Date: 07/03/01
Message-ID: <[email protected]>
Hi folks,
Ok, here's something that is stumping me, so please go
easy on me as I know it's probably an easy answer:

On Jphone and i-mode, the content (i.e. websites) are
viewable over the phone AND over a normal web browser
(though through a browser things might look odd with
the c-html).

Now, if I am NOT an i-mode registered/bonafide i-mode
provider, i-mode folks can still get to my site by
typing in the url, right? yes. It might be a little
more difficult for users as my site is not one of the
sites accepted by the venerable docomo corporation
(what the heck does it take to be a member of their
elite crew of sites anyway...) but nonetheless, users
can reach my site by typing in the url.

Now, here is my problem: What About GPRS? Does anyone
know if a GPRS handset user in another country can
easily access NON-accepted sites from their own
telecom provider? I am planning on launching some
sites in China and Taiwan when GPRS is in full effect
and some people have told me that if I am NOT a member
of China's or Taiwan's ELITE crew of accepted sites,
users WILL NOT be able to see my site. This sounds
incorrect asd I assume users can just type in any URL
and go visit those sites (as long as they are using
code viewable by the respective handset browser).

Can anybody shed light on this GPRS handset issue?

Thank you for your time.


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Received on Tue Jul 3 07:24:55 2001