(keitai-l) mld and internet via cable

From: Oliver Wittchow <wittchow_at_nanoloop.com>
Date: 07/16/01
Message-ID: <[email protected]>

as it isn't possible to test i-appli on the phone via cable and
emulators don't lead too far, i just booked a flight to japan.
however, it seems to be possible to upload mld files through a cable. as
i'm working on an audio application it would be very helpful if i could
already test at least my audio files on a real phone before i go to
japan. so i could use my spare time there for programming rather than
boring file format exploration.

it's no problem to get a 503i phone here but i wonder if it is of any
use for me because i couldn't find clear information about how to upload
mld files via cable (or IR). it seems to be possible but i need to know
exactly which cable and software to get.

an other question i'm not sure about is how to get connected to the
internet for i-appli upload etc when i'm in japan. can i just connect my
laptop to the i-mode phone and use it's packet switched
internet-connection? which software would i need for that?
or is there such a thing like call-by-call fixed line internet without
contract (the usual way in germany)?

thank you


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Received on Mon Jul 16 06:12:15 2001