(keitai-l) Some iAppli questions

From: Michael Turner <leap_at_gol.com>
Date: 08/17/01
Message-ID: <000d01c126dd$76e79180$0b42d8cb@leap>
I have a somewhat obscure application for a program that would do the

  1. start a timer upon release of a button

  2. when the timer expires as much as six hours later, play music of
steadily increasing volume (over a period of perhaps as long as 10 minutes)
starting from almost inaudible and going up to a pre-set volume level.
Alternatively: drop the volume steadily if not interrupted by a button-press
after a few minutes, and start another time-out sequence.)


  3. dial a number to connect a call.

My questions are:

  Is (3) possible?  Can iAppli dial numbers?  Yes, I know about the "tel"
tag in cHTML, but as we've heard lamented here by Henry Minsky, there is
essentially no access to the embedded microbrowser from iAppli.


  What are the power management implications here?  If there's a single
thread, can it be put to sleep in such a way as to reduce power consumption
almost to standby?  Is ten minutes of steadily-increasing ringtone volume
a serious battery drain?  For the application I'm thinking of, it's a bit
awkward to have the handset parked in the recharger cradle.

I am assuming no other use of the phone in the timer period.  It's
essentially an intelligent alarm clock in your phone.

I wouldn't be surprised if most phones could approximate this behavior using
built-in alarm clock features.  If I could do it with an iAppli, though, I
could fine-tune the usability for the specific application, and since I
suspect that usability is make-or-break here....

Any help appreciated.

-michael turner

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