(keitai-l) Re: SPAM banned?

From: Paul Bryan Lester <pbl1_at_livedoor.com>
Date: 11/06/01
Message-ID: <3BE7F4A8.D9B81883@livedoor.com>
    I think the latest version of the de-ai SPAMers are fun.

    (Of course I don't call back just like you two!)  Anyone who knows me I
know their number and it displays their name automatically.  If its no name
its probably junk.

    But I did try once and I got a message. After 2 words I cut it off,
thats why I suppose it was the spammers.

    Why do I like it?  I like my ringtone (aka chakumelo).
    Also I got a cool antenna flasher, so my antenna blinks.
    And also, my screen flashes all my favorite colors when I get a call.
(My old TuKa is so much cooler than all those 503's that way!!!  Its
nice and simple (but still takes minutes to find the menu I want))
(BUY TUKA BUY TUKA .... ooops  I'm not doing much with AU and TuKa this
week..... OK BUY DoCoMo,  BUY J-PHONE  (but I do love TuKa))

    In addition, it happened to me last week when I was going home and let me
get rid of the Chinese Massage Attack people quickly in Roppongi so I could
get home in peace.  It was great timing!  Nice people but I just hate massages
(except from friends).  I didn't have to use my horrid Mandarin!

(The fastest way for me to get home takes me through Roppogi
every day..... ARGH.  I wish I lived somewhere else)

Tracey Northcott wrote:

> Has anyone else been recently bugged by the lastest version of the de-ai
> SPAMers?
> This is where they call your keitai but only it rings for one second.
> The keitai registers a missed call with a Tokyo phone number.  You call
> back to see who it was and are transferred to the dating service...  This
> happened a number of times over the weekend...
> I now do not return any calls where the number is not already registered
> on my phone - so if you have called me in the last few days from a new
> number - you know why I haven't returned your call...
> Tracey
> >From: "joshua" <joshua@ltlglobal.com>
> >Subject: Re: SPAM banned?
> >Date: Tue, 6 Nov 2001 17:12:22 +0900
> >
> >My favourite one is the SPAM offering to sell me a name lists.
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