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From: Andrea <anima_at_gmx.de>
Date: 01/27/02
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I think it has been mentioned before here but just in case: the book by
Mari Matsunaga has been translated and published in English now. You can
buy it at Kinokuniya and other international book shops in Japan. Its
English title is "The birth of i-mode".

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> Just picked up a copy of the first English i-mode-complete book I've
> "i-mode A Primer" written by a Nik Frengle.  I picked it up for $40 at
> records bookshop in Palo Alto, CA.  A good read so far.  He starts
with an
> interesting history of i-mode using translations from Mari Matsunaga's
> i-mode Incident and Natsuno's The i-mode Strategy.    The book has
> on chtml, imode Java, and iApplis.  The appendix also contains a
> list of official i-mode sites (in English).  And the imode Java API in
> English.
> You can view the book at http://www.bn.com - just search on i-mode.
> BTW, I heard from O'Reilly that they were not translating the O'Reilly
> Java book to English.
> Al
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