(keitai-l) Re: OT: cleaning keitai screens (was 2003G)

From: Tracey Northcott <tracey_at_enfour.co.jp>
Date: 12/04/02
Message-Id: <20021204134416.242@>
>I was reading a report that girls think that touch screens are
>not very hygienic...the report was not about keitai screens,
>but one of the trendy killer applications since some months
>are screen cleaner Keitai straps. Especially popular is this
>little dog, where you can use it's belly to clean the screen.
>Don't use a real dog, this can have fatal results.

I have one with a small lamb on it - from a female point of view these
are great!!  I used to always wipe my keitai on my clothes to remove
makeup smudges - now I use the lamb.  BAAAA  My clothes started to get
little makeup smudges..  :(

Juergen, I work in Shibuya and have many keitai's - do I count as a
Shibuya girl???   

(Note: rhetorical question as Juergen knows me)  


p.s.  have anybody seen the new graphic email Kanji lessons in TangoTown
showing stroke order?  Newer handsets have an auto download option so the
email has the animated gif embedded into the email on arrival.  We think
it is pretty cool!!  IM(NS)HO  (*_*)

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