(keitai-l) Gartner Mobile Terminal Sales Third Quarter 2003

From: Giovanni Bertani <giovanni.bertani_at_exsense.com>
Date: 12/09/03
Message-Id: <EA32E6C5-29D3-11D8-82C4-000A95DA29F0@exsense.com>
Looks like Korea is much better placed in unit sales than Japan.
Nokia is feeling a stronger competition, Sony Ericsson is finally coming


I was expecting this results from Nokia here are some thoughts about:

1 - Operator-exclusive  phones are getting more important in EU and
they are not from Nokia.

2 - Clamshell designed camera phones with hi-definition displays are
growing in EU and Nokia have not able to address this market in time.
Clamshell sales are dominated by Korean and Japanese handsets.

3 - Nokia is loosing most of its Communicator customers by not 
an interesting replacement. Competition is not waiting (P800-P900 Treo 

4 - Sony Ericsson is coming back very well on medium range full featured

5 - Series 60 phones are evolving too slowly if compared to what is 
going to
the market soon from Siemens and Sendo

6 - On 3G Nokia as still to offer some interesting handsets. This is 
still a market
to come but could be a serious problem in 2004

Giovanni Bertani
Received on Tue Dec 9 01:14:10 2003