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Sorry John, I do not agree with your opinion at all -  plus the selling
figures of the operators
prove the opposite aswell. Clamshell handsets are selling extremely well
in Europe and
I really do wonder what makes you think they are uncool. Samsung, Sharp,
Nec, Mitsubishi
and even SonyEricsson are very successful with their clamshell phones.
And I even think that it is quite cool to have a clamshell plus looking
ahead to 3G phones (of
which most are clamshell) I think that clamshell design has just started
to become interesting.


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Clamshell design is *unbelievably* uncool in Europe, and Asian and US
handset manufacturers need to understand (and accept) this if they are
increase their market share in Europe. Personally I think the main
are that clamshell is associated with demonstrative and obvious use of a
mobile , it is difficult to hide a clamshell due to its size and the
step in opening makes it even more obvious. I believe most Europeans are
post this phase of mobile use and now prefer a discreet phone that is
invisible because it fits in the palm of your hand. Clamshell is almost
uncool as pulling up the antenna or walking around using a handsfree kit
the airport:  Soooo nineties!

Remember Nokia is no. 6 in top world brands according to Business Week.
is #20 and Samsung #25. They know a thing or too about design I think.

BTW: the Nokia 7200 is  a clamshell of sorts but very unique in typical
Nokia innovative design.  I am no design expert but I think Nokia is
minimalist whereas clamshell is the opposite of minimalist (whatever
that is
called) especially with shiny metal effect and flashing bright leds.
the word is "tacky". Less is more.


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(1) Nokia design
I cannot understand why Nokia doesn't like flip phones.  but I do
like the design of N-Gage.  I was attracted by BANDAI Wonder Swan
which was release about the same time as the first i-mode phones.

(2) clamshell
I think flip phone was invented in the US.  Motorola StarTAC used
to be a symbol of status and the price was very high.  the idea was
to extend the line between the speaker and microphone, probably for
Senator John Kerry.

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