(keitai-l) Re: Nokia warns of tough times ahead

From: John Whelan <john.whelan_at_alatto.com>
Date: 04/21/04
Message-ID: <[email protected]>
>>Clamshells are now synonymous of mid or even high-end...

This is a fundamental point of disagreement and very subjective so no point
in continuing ad nauseum. I think the real issue is Form Vs Function.
Clamshell may arguably (although I personally don't agree) be better
functionally but it just doesn't look good and appeal to aesthetic tastes of
most Europeans. Nokia are still very much number one in market share in
Europe by a long shot remember - albeit heading in the wrong direction.
Nokia (non-clamshell) are *designer* phones , clamshells are from the
discount store.

>>The latest Japanese clamshells seem a pretty clunky lot - they close with
the sound of on old Yugo.

Important point. The noise of opening a  clamshell phone is very indiscreet
and IMHO most people don't want others to know they are making or receiving
a call.

Other disadvantages of clamshell:

- if writing/reading a message on public transport anyone can shoulder surf
and see what you are writing or reading. If I use a clamshell I find myself
putting my hand over the screen - not required with a nice non clamshell.

- Inherently thicker and hence takes up more room in your pocket. Herr
Trendy Europeanski doesn't want unsightly bulges in his Boss jacket.

Nokia = Boss, Audi, Saab, IKEA, Bang & Olufsen, Real Madrid, Colin Farrell,
Coldplay, BBC 2.

Interestingly Siemens don't do clamshells as far as I can recall. They get
it too!

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