(keitai-l) Re: FOMA(/UMTS)/GSM dual-mode handset N900iG

From: Kyle Barrow <kyle_at_pukupi.com>
Date: 07/16/04
Message-Id: <2785512E-D6DB-11D8-920F-000393D405B2@pukupi.com>
On 2004 Jul 16, , at 11:25, Claus Hoefele wrote:

> Sorry but I don't think this is correct, not all FOMA mobiles are
> UMTS. Both UMTS and FOMA are based on W-CDMA but are not compatible
> with each other. You might be able to use a FOMA USIM card in a UMTS
> phone (haven't tried) but UMTS phones can't connect to the FOMA
> network. Vodafone Japan on the other hand operates a UMTS compatible
> network.

Isn't W-CDMA a part of UMTS?  

I have a Nokia 7600 and I can connect to the FOMA network using my FOMA  
USIM. The same is true with the 7600 and my Vodafone USIM. In the end I  
use the Vodafone USIM because calls are cheaper and Vodafone provided  
the GPRS settings I needed for Web and mail, something DoCoMo refused  
to do.



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