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From: <alex_at_mo-style.com>
Date: 09/19/04
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Hi David,

>Why is it that no one ever answers the really interesting questions!?
Yeah :( I still want some answers!

Ok.  Let me share what I know already.

(From what I've been told)  Recently DoCoMo launched Sega's Pocket
Kingdoms for FOMA devices.  This is the first mobile MMORPG in Japan
(correct me if I'm wrong).  This is the same game that Sega is launching
on Nokia's N-gage platform as well.  A friend already explained to me how
DoCoMo have their pricing structure setup.. but we were talking in an
izakaya and drinking beer so I can't seem to recall much.  My hazy memory
recalls that DoCoMo are using a subscription system for usage of the game
with no extra charges for traffic. (Can someone verify this?)

Recently here in Australia my friends in Sydney (VivaLaMobile.com)
launched a multiplayer (J2ME) game on 3's network.  The pricing structure
is AU$0.50 (38yen) for 7 lives with no charge for the client download or
data traffic.

There are a few other mobile multiplayer games heating up for launch in
Australia as well as in Hong Kong, but the interesting part is how the CP
and Operator are structuring their business model.  (Especially with the
high amounts of traffic that multiplayer games produce).

So, going back to my original question - Pocket Kingdoms: how's it going?


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<alex@mo-style.com> wrote:
> Hi all,
> Does anyone know how Pocket Kingdom's has taken off so far? and can
> someone please describe how they are billing for usage?
> Thanks!
> Alex Young
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