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From: Kyle Barrow <kyle_at_pukupi.com>
Date: 11/30/04
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On 2004 Nov 30, , at 11:48, Martyn_Williams@idg.com wrote:

> I think we're beginning to see the chances of this. Nokia is now 
> selling a
> couple of models of 3G handset in Bic Camera under its own brand name 
> - not
> the Vodafone versions. The switch to SIM-based phones is going to 
> enable
> companies to do this, or enable users to order the handsets they want 
> from
> overseas and use them in Japan. Of course, because so many of the 
> bells and
> whistles are tied to proprietary operator services, you might find 
> that the
> handset works fine for voice and the PDA function syncs perfectly ... 
> but
> you can't access I-mode or download a ringtone because it lacks the
> proprietary support.

I've been using a Nokia 7600 with a Vodafone USIM for some time and it 
works great with my PowerBook. It is not (yet) supported by iSync but 
you can use bluetooth to transfer contacts, access the internet, etc, 
on your Mac. I never got iCal to work well with it and the 7600 is 
pretty weak on the PIM side but the 6630 Vodafone is offering should 
include far more advanced Series 60 applications.



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