(keitai-l) Re: Vodafone does FeliCa

From: Colin Belton <colinbelton_at_gmail.com>
Date: 03/01/05
Message-ID: <4223FE5F.80003@gmail.com>
Peter Van der Weeen wrote:

>Is JR storing this information on their servers or is this information
>kept on the card itself?
>(I know the station and fare info is printed on the back of my old IO
>card and would be suprised if they'd be storing all that data elsewhere)
Silly me. Of course it is the data on the card. Anyway, I hope the data 
is just on the card. But if it is possible in Singapore...
I doubt there would be much merit in keeping such data for a long period 
of time. I suppose they could use the data for analyzing consumer 
behavior, but would it really be worth it?

Colin Belton

mohit wrote:

In Singapore, you can check the last 20 transactions you made at a 
machine in the railway stations - this is retrieved from the card.  You 
can check up to 20 transactions that you made in the last three days 
(excluding the day of enquiry) over the web - this is retrieved from a 
database, using your ID.
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