(keitai-l) Re: keitai for earthquakes

From: Arnold P. Siboro <asiboro_at_maltech.jp>
Date: 03/24/05
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Hi there fellow Sunny F.'er,

I don't know about 702NK, but manual power generator (squeeze and you
can charge your keitai) are available for many kinds of keitai. You can
carry this around so as not to depend on battery that seems to have even
shorter lifespan, due to the trend of bigger screen and more colors.

BTW, just after the earthquake I realized my voda lost its network. No
signal is available. And this continued for the rest of the day. I
checked voda's website but no report of network failure. Was I just
being unlucky, or were the base stations near my place shutdown due to
the tremor?

On Wed, 23 Mar 2005 22:45:25 +0900
nick may <nick@kyushu.com> wrote:

> [this is a post aimed at JP side keitai-l'rs. Fukuoka is the ex-"least 
> likely place to have a major quake in Japan", so if it can happen here, 
> it can happen anywhere...]
> Given recent events locally here in Sunny F. (the city expected 3000 
> deaths in the event of a 6+ magnitude quake, - it was a 6.6 richter, so 
> we were lucky. Tokyo assumes 12000 dead for a similar sized quake) I 
> have been thinking hard about what kind of keitai is best in a city 
> after a major earthquake....
> ... and come to the conclusion that e-mail is FAR more likely to be 
> available than voice - and that I should carry far more email addresses 
> around in my keitai than I do currently. As in EVERYTHING.
> I should also be carrying more info about myself - next of kin, etc 
> etc. Obviously there is a balance here, carry too much and identity 
> theft is easier if one loses one's keitai.
> I should also be carrying more addresses of friends so that I know 
> where to go and look for them if buildings have collapsed. It would be 
> nice for ME to know that there are people around who could dig me out 
> of the rubble and inform my family of my death. Wives and so on don't 
> count - it I am dead, so are they, probably.
> Basically, email + pda + camera, with decent battery life, and often 
> updated.
> Which, bar the concerns about battery life that some have about some 
> Voda 3G handsets, brings the 702NK out fairly high on the list - just 
> because it is more of an information i-pod than other handsets... That 
> said, a 2G would have better battery life.
> Does any handset allow one to store data with real industrial strength 
> encryption?
> Nick
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