(keitai-l) Re: "i-appli taking long time connecting to servlet"

From: Kapil Sharma <kapes.endless_at_gmail.com>
Date: 06/09/05
Message-ID: <[email protected]>

I have Doja application (i-appli) which is taking continous stream of
images from the servlet running on tomcat engine
For the servlet sending normal text I got the response in just a 1-2
sec. but for this servlet which is taking the image from
Fileinputstream (the real path one)and sending into outputstream, it
is taking about 21 sec for connection OK response

::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::I want to

1.  I am missing some server configuration which takes my servlet so
much time to respond to i-appli client(HTTP connection OK)

2. Or I need to change my tomcat servlet engine with another like
weblogic or websphere one that could be faster than my tomcat engine.

3. Or I have problem with the servlet API that i am using. I am not
sure but taking images in real path is consuming time

My servlet code looks like

//sending 5 image files to outputstream

       filename = sc.getRealPath("pic"+i+".jpeg" ;//get path of pic.
       file = new File(filename);
       mimeType = sc.getMimeType(filename);
       resp.set ontentType(mimeType);
       in = new FileInputStream(file);
       count = in.read(buf);
       out.writ (buf,0,count);
       in.close );
       out.clos ();

Any idea  will be implemented.

Thanks in advance.

Received on Thu Jun 9 13:51:22 2005